Fumo. exercise therapy


Previous Clinical Pilates sessions are now called Functional Movement Exercise Therapy or FuMo. for short. It is the same quality, individualised, evidenced based service we have always run, with a strong focus on Functional Movement and Conditioning.

Research has shown that in the presence of long term pain the body will adopt compensatory movement strategies to cope. A common example of this is with lower back pain where the body will brace, lock or splint the lower back to ‘over protect’ the injured area. In some cases this ‘over correction’ strategy will stay in place, even after the soft tissue injury has healed. The end result is a chronic ‘mal-adaptive’ response to pain, caused by the ‘over corrective tissue’. Physiotherapists are skilled in the correction of these patterns and Horizon FuMo. is an effective way of re-educating these muscles and movements back to a normal pattern.

FuMo. Exercise Therapy is a highly effective rehabilitation tool, that utilises body weight and graded resistance exercises. It has developed further every year to encompass other movement arts such as – the Franklin Method, Feldenkrais and Chi Gong. At Horizon, we are passionate about our FuMo. program and enjoy participating in the progression of this fantastic physio based rehab method.

Horizon offers three forms of Functional rehabilitation:

1.     FuMo.Clinical – this is best suited for injury management – both acute and chronic. Clients with long standing back and neck issues, knee or shoulder issues. One hour sessions with specific instruction and monitoring.

2.    FuMo.Progressive – clients undertaking FuMo.Clinical often enjoy the program so much they wish to progress on and develop further strength, flexibility and stability. Our FuMo.Progressive is a stepped down fee, and works into more challenging routines.