Looking to improve your Golf?

Are you a keen golfer looking to improve your game? Or are you currently injured looking to get back to full function and return to golf?

Improving your game is not just about improving your swing. A thorough assessment will be the key factor to identifying any physical limitations that may be impacting your game.

From this assessment, your physiotherapist at Horizon will design a program to target your specific needs. These may include but are not limited to reduced hip mobility and stability, Pelvic/Core stability, spinal rotation and disassociation, scapula-thoracic disassociation, shoulder mobility and stability, spinal extension and balance.

Common golfing limitations we work with are reduced hip rotation causing additional loads on the spine and inconsistencies with the swing, limited drive from the pelvis causing your swing to lack power, limited spinal rotation leading to overuse of the shoulders and upper limbs to name but a few. 

Our programmes are designed to optimise your physical function to ensure you can play at your highest, most efficient level and prevent injury.

At Horizon we have specifically designed sports programmes for golf, tennis, running, cycling, swimming and rowing. If you are interested to improve your sport, please contact the clinic on 9245 7007 to book in your assessment today!